Wall Hop

Wall hop a physics based, vertical platformer that uses intuitive touch and tilt inputs. The gameplay consists of jumping and rolling but contact with a wall is rewarded with a brief period of time dilation and the ability to air jump once. 

Motion Mechanics

Camera Mechanics

  • Drag controled jumping (distance scailing)

  • Tilt controlled horizontal rolling

  • Tilt controlled jump adjustment

  • Wall contact triggered time dilation


  • Full 'update friendly' data persistence

  • Cross scene audio manager (with mute settings)

  • Uses the 2D physics engine with 3D assets

  • Simple Y axis only interpolated camera tracking

Game Mode Mechanics

  • Pre, mid, and post-game states

  • Water chases the player, game over on contact

  • Challenge mode with 'two star' completion

    • Star one for completion​

    • Star two for beating target time

  • Fastest completion time tracking

I'm afraid I can't make source code for this project public until I graduate in June 2017  but I can send it upon request.