Pyramad (UKIE Student Jam 2017)

Pyramad is a asynchronous multiplayer party game based on the king of the hill game mode. 

It was developed by myself and five others in a 48 hour window for submission in the UKIE Student Jam 2017.

A match consists of 6 -10 rounds. During each round a single player plays as the boss, the large orb at the top of the Pyramid. Their goal is to prevent the others from reaching the top. The other players, controlling the smaller orbs, have to work together to get as many of them as possible to the top. Players receive points based on their team performance. 

I participated in the design, lead the programming, and drank all the coffee. 

Notable features I developed:

  • Match state system

    • Menu transitions​

    • Dynamic round count allocation (based on number of players)

    • Briefing state

    • Gameplay state

    • Review state

  • Round system (automatic round transitions)

  • Obstacle randomisation system

  • Score system

  • Character movement systems

    • With the exception of the bosses ground pound ​which was implemented by the talented Jonathon Stone

  • Dynamic gameplay GUI​

    • Adapts for the number of player in the match

Team Members

Grant Mullock (Creative Assembly)

UI design and development, developed the particle systems and sprites, lead the team whenever I was on a caffeine comedown (frequently).

Jonathon Stone (TT Games)

Front-end, ground-pound, and obstacle mechanics programming. Supported me developing the motion systems. 

Abbie Hunt

3D assets and obstacle sprites. Some lovely geometry on the obstacles that goes unnoticed due to the camera angle, a dynamic zoom system would have helped show off her work. 

Dan Stockdale

Character and organic modelling, rigging, and animation (did some birds and stuff I couldn't implement in time). There are tiny mummies in the balls if you didn't notice; once again a the lack of dynamic camera system didn't do his work justice

Will Finney 

3D environmental art development and implementation, provider of late night sassiness.