I joined TT Games to work on LEGO® Worlds in the run up to the Nintendo Switch submission; following launch I was working within the game mechanics team developing gameplay features and improvements for title updates and DLC.

Primarily I worked along side the design team to improve and expand the quest system and world navigation features but I was also been responsible for other, more general, features and fixes. I can't go into detail about all the work I was involved in publicly ( some of the most exciting stuff was never released ) but here is couple of examples of things I lead the development on that made it into post launch updates:

  • Added the escort quest type

  • Implemented new behavior trees / actions.

  • Implemented the quest discovery system.

  • Technical overhaul and waypoint system. 

  • Bulk sell system for the trader.

Following on from my work on LEGO® Worlds a bunch of my core systems made it into the LEGO® Movie 2 Videogame so I supported TT Fusion with the integration and adaptation of those. 

If you'd like to discuss my involvement in more detail please feel free to get in touch.