Drone Arena

Drone Arena was a tech demo put together to familiarise myself with UE4 back when I was a student. The demo is vehicle based arena shooter with simple wave mechanics.

Motion Mechanics

  • Momentum based movement

  • Turn rate limits

  • Automated hovering ( Z axis distance )

  • Automated surface alignment

Combat Mechanics

  • Crosshair deprojection and raycasting to calculate turret aimpoint

  • Turrets auto gimbal to face aim-point

  • Raycast based primary and secondary fire

  • Rate of fire

  • Ammo capacity and reloading

  • Weapon range

  • Homing missiles with in in-flight target acquisition and reaquisition

  • Component based health system

  • Health interface to apply unified system to drones, turrets, and training targets

Camera Mechanics

  • Camera decoupled from drone motion

    • Camera leads, them drone turns to face look-direction

  • Camera boom / spring arm component use to simplify collision / occlusion issues

Game Mode Mechanics

  • Pre, mid, and post-game states

  • Endless spawning of training targets with tower defence style wave system

  • Controls panel

  • Drone component health UI

  • Drone weapons info UI

General Architecture Notes

  • Build a series of input structs to track input data to allow for tapping, holding, double tapping, dead-zones, sensitivity, clamping, ect. 

Source Code Samples

Interface for implementing a unified health system to drones, turrets, and targets.


Component that receives and applies motion input whilst managing drone orientation.