Germ Defence

Germ Defence is a mobile tower defence game built in Unity 5 for an experiential module in University. All gameplay was put together by myself and one other student, Krystian Slawinski. I designed and planned the project, he prototyped the mechanics, then we pair programmed the gameplay code together. Listed below are the sections  on which I lead the development. 

Tower Mechanics

  • Tower  build, upgrade and refund system

  • Red / Black tower AI 

  • Tower damage systems

Game Mode Logic

  • Pre and post-game states / screens

  • The wave system

    • Allows for designers to set up levels using sliders​

    • Supports 5 enemy types

    • Supports unlimited waves

    • Integration  into the game state manager

  • Player health systems and failure conditions

  • Enemy gold value formula

  • General economy integration

UI Mechanics

  • Slash screens with web links

  • Learn to play cards

  • Info cards

  • Expandable gameplay menu

  • Front end menu


  • All 2D art including:

    • Icons​

    • Enemies

    • Friendlies

    • UI Icons


  • Tower type efficacy balancing

  • Economy balencing 

I'm afraid I can't make source code for this project public until I graduate in June 2017  but I can send it upon request.